Untitled- From Prompt: Write about the sun rising behind you.

The sun was rising behind them, causing shadows to grow outward from their feet.

Their shadow selves stretched out and raced forward with far more enthusiasm than their travel weary human companions.

Bunny hunched her shoulders and watched the dust puff up and around her feet. Her shoes were the color of the road now. SO were the cuffs of her jeans. She thought her lungs would be too, she’d breathed so much of the road dust in.

To her right Desmond coughed. She glanced over to see he was almost asleep on his feet. She couldn’t even see a sliver of his blue eyes under his heavy lids.

Rodney was ahead of them, Snoot limping along beside him. The sun behind them reflected off the scar on the back of Rod’s head, making it glow bright pink.

He turned around to look back at them, walking backwards he never missed a step.

“Sun’s coming up,” he announced as his shadow raced ahead behind him.

Snoot sniffed at something in the road, stopping his limping for a moment, then he sneezed once before running ahead, racing the daybreak shadows.

He had once been a white mongrel, but now he was also the color of road dirt. Bunny was beginning to wonder if there had ever been another color.

Snoot’s stub of a tail disappeared down a hill she couldn’t see from where she was.

“House down there,” Rod said. “Nap time.”

Desmond stumbled, his dragging feet catching a rock in the road. Bunny caught him and lifted him over her shoulder. It wasn’t a graceful way to carry him, but the only way she could manage. He was almost too heavy for her to lift anymore.

She sincerely hoped they could get the long rest they all badly needed.


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Lostcheerio said...

Maybe I'm being retarded here, but wouldn't the sun rising behind you cause your shadows to shrink? I was loving that image, in the beginning of your piece here, with the shadows stretching away from them... then I realized, wait a second... wouldn't that be the other way around? :) :) If I'm confused, forgive me. But just in case -- you could turn around the image somehow and still make it cool.

Lostcheerio said...

PS I'm here via Blog365. ;>