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People, on the whole as a species, knew the world was going to come to an end.

Nobody ever thought it would happen in THEIR lifetime, but everyone though it would probably happen before their grandchildren died.

Some thought it would be a super bug. Some virus cooked up by the army to make warfare safer for us and nastier for whichever "them" was being fought at that time.

Others thought it would be nuclear war.

There were other theories as well, as many theories as there were people, and most of them led back to the government.

The government part was true, but that could hardly be avoided because by the time the world ended, the government had their fingers in more pies than even THEY could keep track of any longer.

It was the how of the whole things that everyone had been wrong about.

When you thought of the end of the world you never thought of sweet little girls clutching well loved stuffed animals to her chest, looking terrified in front of the dozens of cameras on the podium she was standing behind.

She was one of the spectacular wonders of the world, but no one ever noticed her.

At least not until Godzilla, the REAL Godzilla attacked Tokyo.

Then people were ready to listen.

From the Prompt "Write about black hearts and pirate lovers."

The sea was a swollen, sick looking thing
roiling and boiling with grey slag and death.
The ship was a pearl, but a bad one
rotten heart as black as the sky
She saw neither ship nor sea
just the silhouette aboard deck,
not looking toward shore for she,
just back toward the endless boil.

She never looked landward again,
just watched the unwell waters
waiting for her lover, like lovers do
Though others loves may come to them
and sweep them off their feet
she held no such daydreams
just wanted one more glimpse of him
as he headed back out to sea.