I’ve been flattered.

Nezha left the following comment for me: “Hey, i love your writing. I keep checking the site for new posts but so far nothing. Post something soon for us fans, would you?”

I think that might be one of the most ego-boosting comments I have ever gotten.

For those who feel the same, good news...

I’ve signed up for Blog365.

That means I must post SOMETHING in at least one of my blogs every day.

And since I plan on one of my “resolutions” for 2008 to be to write no less than 100 words every day...that means more bad fiction and worse poetry for you guys to sink your cyber teeth into!

I plan on posting at least once a week, possibly more often if I churn out good stuff.

As Angst Ages

Give me an EMO boy
in skinny black jeans,
wearing mascara.
We’ll sit at home
watching porn together.
When they climax
we’ll scream out loud.
It is our agony
to never feel love like that.

I’ll be his Gothic Lolita
in fish net hose
wearing glittery pink skulls.
He will remind me
not to be so peppy
out in public.
I’ll laugh out loud
when I’m alone
to remember how it sounds.

I’ll never tell him
“Cheer up EMO kid,”
He’ll never tell me
“You’d be beautiful
if you smiled.”
Well grow old together
to be a well adjusted
He an investment banker
I a stay at home mom.

We’ll have an EMO daughter
in skinny black jeans
and multiple piercings.
We’ll have a Gothic son
who writes poetry about pain.
We’ll tell them
“Cheer up EMO kid.
“You’d be so handsome
if you’d smile.”