Just Around the Corner

In roughly 4 more hours I'll begin pounding out the first chapter of my NaNo novel.

I've decided to go with the dramatic/teen angsty novel.

I think I'm going with "Suddenly, That Summer" as my working title instead of "Anatomy of a Life"

I'm plot-deficient at this point, but I know its going to follow her from the time her best friend (Gabriel) moves into the neighborhood.

Yep....thats all I've got.

I will share here as it comes out.

Yes/No Questions about Your NaNo Novel

I stole this from Nichole's Writing Space

As of right now I think I'm going with the Teen Angst novel, so these answers are for Anatomy of Life

Romance? Yep
Adventure? not so much
A fight for power? Sort of
A war? No.
A king? No.
A queen? No
Jealousy? A whole slew of it
Backstabbing? That I’m trying to avoid.
Forbidden love? Yes (well, a lot of people consider it forbidden)
Hatred? a little.
A death? There will be at least one death. Maybe two.
More than 1 death? maybe 2
More than 2? no
More than 3? no
MORE?!?!?!? deffinately not

Paranoid character? Semi
Low self esteem? yes, in the MC
long hair? Yes.
no hair? yep
black hair? Maybe.
centaurs? No.
faeries? No.
dragons? No.
a world other than our world? Maybe (there may be ghosts, or maybe just flashbacks)
other creatures (unnamed)? No.
A mystery? no
More than 5 subplots? I don’t think I can managed more than 1 subplot
Yummy food? Food, but its not central
gross food? just bad cooking
Magic? No.
A plot point where the background music would give you chills down your spine? no.
omnipotent force? (gods, fate, etc.) No.
A really annoying character that it nearly killed you to NOT kill him/her? No.
A really annoying character that you killed :P? No.
A character that you killed or will kill in the future? No.
Really cool names? (not commonly used, i.e. Eragorn) Um...there will be a Gabriel, an Antony, a Summer. Don't think they are TOO unusual, but I really like Gabriel.
Really nice people? Yes.
Really cool people? Yes.
A plot point thats REALLY confusing but is understandable in the end? Not so much

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about NaNoWriMo

1. NaNoWriMo means National Novel Writing Month
2. Since it takes place in November, before I started doing it, I used to think it meant National Novemeber Writing Month
3. NaNoWriMo challenges you to write a 50,000 word novel in a month.
4. To accomplish that you must write a minimum of 1667 words a day.
5. Writing 1667 words a day is harder than it sounds like it would be.
6. I've participated in NaNoWriMo for several years.
7. I've never reached the goal.
8. There is a forums section at the nanowrimo web page. I spend too much time lurking and reading the forums instead of writing.
9. One of the most popular forum is the Dares Thread.
10. I have 2 ideas for novels this year. The first one is about a winged cat and inspired by The Last Flight of Bastet.
11. The second one is called "Anatomy of a Life" and is a teen drama.
12. I don't know which one I'd rather write. HELP ME!
13. My name on NaNoWriMo is Nonersays if you wanna be writing buddies.

NaNo Uh-Oh

Today, being the 1st of October, is the day that NaNoWriMo starts winding up. The challenge doesn't start until November, but the excitement starts long before that.

When I tried to log in today, NaNo told me my account didn't exist. When I tried to get them to re-send my password in case it was wrong they said my e-mail wasn't in their system. (I know it is cause I've been getting e-mail from them for all the years I've participated)

I tried to make a new account but it told me it would be "pending review."

Have I been kicked off NaNo? Maybe not.

I tried to go to the NaNoWriMo web page just gone, and got this nifty message:

In the wee hours of October 1, after running like a brave champion, one of our two database servers, Lekempti, had what looks to be a very grave hardware failure.

Lekempti is off-line now, and is getting new android guts installed.

In the meantime, we're working on installing back-ups and relaunching the site with a single, smaller server, the adorable Djimmah.

Until we get Lekempti back online, things will be pokey. We apologize for the inconvenience, and look forward to the resumption of awesomeness soon.

In the meantime, we invite you to browse the exciting NaNoWriMo donor goodies and ogle the devilishly good-looking models in the NaNoWriMo store.

Your friends,

The NaNoWriMo staff
Alas...we've had a NaNo Uh-oh.

Good thing they launch the site a month early, huh.