100 Words

She's an unrepentant outlaw out to steal his heart.

She was a poodle, he was a bulldog. A star crossed love, never meant to be. Certainly her owners frowned upon it.

She was attracted to his dangerous side, his bad boy appearance, his spiked collar. He had such big teeth, and so many scars. She dreamed of the street fights he must have been in, the Dobermans and pit bulls he must know.

Disillusionment came when she saw him backed into a corner by a chattery squirrel.

She learned the hard way never to judge a dog by his collar.

100 Words

“Its nothing but a rumor, that’s all it is.”

This was her answer to her daughters question, “What is love?”

“Love is an urban legend. It’s something that happens to someone else.”

“Weren’t you and Daddy in love?” the little girl asked.

She barked in laughter, not a mirthful one, but a harsh and soulless one.

“You, my darling little girl, were the result of forced fornication.”

She stared at her for a moment, wondering why she’d kept the result of her rape.

“Go away, you’re bothering me,” she said, then returned to the tax document in front of her.

100 Words for 5-3-07

“If you keep doing that the police are going to catch us for sure!”

“Doing what?”

He was always doing things that would get us in trouble in the end.

Like currently he was holding the dead mans arm our of the car window, trying to smack the road signs as we passed.

He had hit two of them, and now the arm was missing a finger. It was back there somewhere, in someone’s front lawn.

I could picture the cast of CSI finding it and tracing it somehow back to us.

As usual, it would be all his fault.

100 Words for 5-2-07

Great big clouds rose up.

In the distance birds took flight. They didn’t fly far before the flames found them.

Great big winds rose up.

The air smelled of burning flesh. People, pets, large farm animals as they flash fried in the fire.

Great big screams rose up.

They thundered up the mountain and down the valley, but they didn’t last long at all.

Then there was peace. A peace like the earth hadn’t seen since man rose to power.

Things were quiet for a short time.

Then a great big roach rose up, and the world was born anew.

100 Words for 5-1-07

She came at me from the sugar as I stirred it into the pitcher of kool-aide. She assulted me with her memory.

We had matching coffee cups once, and we stirred our sugar into our drinks with soup spoons.

I know where she is now, and will be forever after. I wonder where our cups are now, and our spoons. Perhaps someone else is using them, or perhaps the cups have been shattered.

Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Broken ceramic chips turned underneath landfill dirt.

Then she retreats, her memory dissolving like the sugar into the water.

Goodbye, again.