100 Words for 5-3-07

“If you keep doing that the police are going to catch us for sure!”

“Doing what?”

He was always doing things that would get us in trouble in the end.

Like currently he was holding the dead mans arm our of the car window, trying to smack the road signs as we passed.

He had hit two of them, and now the arm was missing a finger. It was back there somewhere, in someone’s front lawn.

I could picture the cast of CSI finding it and tracing it somehow back to us.

As usual, it would be all his fault.


Tyler said...

Of the three you just posted, I like this one the best. It's got a playful tone despite the macabre subject. It reminds me of the feeling one gets from those old grindhouse films (and, consequently, from the new film, Grindhouse). I'd like to see where else you would go with this little tidbit. It could make for an interesting story!

Sera Strawbridge said...


sir jorge said...

That one line in your story about the dead man's arm is genius! Not to say the rest wasn't, but that line is so quotable!

Anonymous said...

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