NaNo '09 - Day 2

Day 2 Word Count:354
Total Word Count: 776
I'm sooooo far behind


Day 2's Writing:

A soft creak, like a tread on a stair, only she was on the stairs all alone.

Only one other thing in her house creaked like that.

Downstairs, sitting in front of the same big picture window that was letting in the moon light, was a wooden rocking chair.  Old, but not old enough to be an antique, it had belonged to her grandmother.

As a child she had spent hours sitting in her Nannie’s lap while the old woman rocked and sang soft lullabies.  The songs were always accompanied by the chair, whose left rocker had a squeak.

It was a sound she would know anywhere.  She was willing to bet she could even pick it out of a room full of other squeaky rockers.

Now, in the unknown hours of the night, in her powerless house, someone was sitting in her Nannie’s rocker.  Whoever it was was not rocking, just sitting, waiting.  Only a tiny shift of their body and an old rockers squeak told her anyone was there.

Nervously she chewed her bottom lip, unsure what to do.

Her cell phone, she was sure now, was downstairs on the table beside her computer.  She could go for it, call for help.

But the old rocking chair, and whoever sat in it, would be facing the stairs.  She would not get down without being seen and would not be able to call for help in time.

She could go back upstairs as quietly as possible and barricade herself in the bedroom.  The power would be back on eventually and she could call for help from the land line then.

Unless they came up after her.  Nothing in her house was heavy enough to hold a door forever.

Neither option was very appealing.

That was all assuming whoever sat in her favorite chair downstairs meant her harm at all.

She did not know how long the power had been out.  She did not know how long the person had been sitting downstairs.  Maybe they did not even know she was here at all.  Maybe some other reason had brought them into her house.