Day 4

NANO UPDATE: Day 3 count = 0. Day 4 count = 182 Total = 928

Of course she could not think of any reasonable reason for someone to be in her house, uninvited.  Strangers did not usually break in just to sit and rock in old rocking chairs.  Strangers broke in to steal things.

Maybe it was not a stranger at all.  Maybe someone she knew had dropped by for a visit in the middle of the night.

Sure, she thought, and maybe its Nannie herself down there, sitting alone in her rocker waiting on me to come down.  I will sit on her knee like a child and she will sing me lullabyes just like old times.

Appealing yet unlikely.

Below her the old rocking chair gave another hushed squeak, then groaned in protest.

Whoever had been sitting down there had just stood up.  Her time to flee was running out.  She tried to make her legs unfreeze so she could retreat upstairs, but they did not want to obey her.

She strained to hear footsteps, to hear if her visitor were coming closer or leaving but her carpets swallowed whatever sound might have been made.