Macabre Parade

I’m not resisting my disgrace anymore,
falling down and crying on the floor
release this poison, let go of this pain
broken and hopeless, when will I feel whole again?

My body is broken, my mind not far behind
I wonder sometimes if I will make it out this time
The phone is ringing, a sound that I barely hear
Whoever is so far away, I need someone more near

I feel like I’m not human, just a puppet on a string
just moving to the motions of someone else’s dream.
I’ve lost my inner drummer, lost my special muse
I lost myself somewhere back when I came unglued.

Eventually I’ll stand up again, dusting myself off
I’ll drink a cup of coffee, maybe go out for a walk
Get ready for another day, another glass charade
marching to my missing drummer in my own macabre parade.


lissa said...

I read this as a personal bits of your state of mind, maybe from a while back or today, but ending in a much better state

Shanel said...

This is a beautiful poem and very revealing. Just about the same way I have been feeling for the past few weeks.

The good news is...

It gets better with time. Thanks for posting it.