Its World Rat Day

World Rat Day

On top of it being National Poetry Month, today was also WORLD RAT DAY!


And, because I’m the Crazy Rat Lady, only I would know that...right?

Due to the fact that I was lazy and have not edited the poem I wrote today, I will share with you instead a poem I DID NOT WRITE, but its about rats, and this is WORLD RAT DAY so......there.

Ode to a Rat
By: -JcsJanie (found online)

Always poking, always peeking,
Climbing, jumping, sometimes squeaking,
Twitching whiskers, cunning faces,
Hiding in the strangest places!
Nibbling here and napping there,
Always finds the time to spare
A fuzzy "kiss" upon my cheek.
Sometimes I wish that you could speak!
Bright eyes shining full of love,
A furry gift from up above.
Always glad to have me near.
Such a treasure! What a dear!
Folks can have their cats and dogs,
Horses, snakes, and even frogs.
For me you stand out from the rest.
No doubt about it- a RAT'S the best!

And if you like it here is a WHOLE PAGE OF RAT POETRY.