April is National Poetry Month

So says

National Poetry Month FAQ

and the all mighty Wikipedia

I’ve decided to try a NaPoWriMo (because the world needs more WriMo’s in it.) And write a poem a day, every day, for April.

Granted, my poetic skills are weak, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Plus I’ll be getting practice.

Todays offering is:

April 1st

First April day,
day of All Fool’s
no fools here only
manic, manic morning
rushing hard ahead
another day.


lissa said...

it's not bad, I like the rhythm of the whole poem

glad you can join in on NaPoWriMo, good or bad poetry, it's a good exercise in writing

Noner said...

Thanks. I'm REALLY rusty on writing poetry. I hope they get better as the month goes on.