100 Words - "Sheep Dip"

Warning: If you are a reader of mine, and are also a Christian, chances are close to 100% that the following will offend you.

Yeah, sorry about that....


“That’s fucked up!”


“I’m reading this funeral psalm thing, and I think he’s getting his bone on with the bodies.”


“‘With thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me...’”

“Maybe he’s getting his bone on with the widow?”

“That’s less creepy, but equally as fucked up.”

“Could be worse.”


“He could be getting his bone on with the sheep.”



“There’s a definite wool fetish going on there. You never see a picture of the guy without a lamb.”

“Doesn’t that also make him a pedophile?”

“Jesus is our necrophiliac, child furry loving Holy Father.”




kip152 said...

Hilarious! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Good thing I'm not a Christian then.

ShadowUnderg said...

ur an ass...ault to religious literature.

Anonymous said...

help ropo build his city