100 Words for 3/4/07

Another of my daily 100 from 100words.com


Its not that way, the way you think.

Its not murder, its self defense.

Its not because I’m a freak, its because I’m special.

He just tripped and fell on the knife, over and over again.

She sits in the corner, her arms wrapped around her knees, rocking back and forth, thinking up the excuses she’ll give when the police gets there. Everyone needs a good excuse, the thinks, and when you’ve just killed someone, you need a good excuse more than ever.

As police sirens drew near she finally decided on a golden oldie.

“The dog ate my husband.”


billy said...


Freelance Writer's Exchange said...

I love it!! LOL It was so serious for a moment, and then voila - the punch line! Great!!

Katkat said...

Yippy! you are a finalst for the BoBs!!!!