I need oil

I told someone today that my mental machinery was rusty from disuse. Or maybe I said my creative machinery. It all boils down to the same thing.

I'm in yahoo groups where I get daily prompts. I save these prompts to "come back to later."

Later never comes.

I spend all of my free time playing with my blogs. Just not this blog.

Its sad.

I love to write, yet I'm avoiding writing lately.

Its a trend that's got to stop.


cass said...

I do the same thing. Later never comes.

Dave said...

>peeko< >peeko< >peeko<

That is my lame attempt at making the sound of an oil can.

I know exactly how you feel with the writing slump. I weathered one for about three months recently. It seemed that life was in the middle of a twister, and I couldn't control any of it.

I would sit to write, and it honestly felt like my brain wanted to vomit.

Hang in there, it will pass eventually, and you will be right back writing your heart out.

C. H. Green said...

Lately I've avoided everything else.