Thanks for your participation...

I’d like to thank everyone for sharing their opinions with me on my last post.

You’re opinions were varied, as I expected them to be, from those who agreed with me, those who disagreed with me and those who REALLY disagreed with me (they didn’t leave a url so I couldn’t link back to their place.)

The most interesting comment, though, was from Steven Sweet who said in part, “I think it's even scarier that the dad let his son be taken away.”

I urge everyone to read the post in question, and to read the comments left on it. You can still leave your own. I like reading everyone’s points of view.


To those who come here to read my fictions, I promise I'll have another one up eventually.


newfie Girl said...

Really sad the kid didn't find support anywhere. I think maybe the teacher thought the kid had mental problems or was being abused. A great deal of children as well as adults act out fantasies when they are being abused. It's a form of coping and maybe the teacher had to make a decision the best way they could..

Cat said...

Very much what I saw/felt. If the abuse is found not to be present -- WONDERFUL let the child be creative in an atmosphere where others aren't affected. A future Stephen King? Great! But hidden threats to a teacher's life is pretty harsh stuff...I think.

I'm glad I was able to share my opinion here, noner! Newfie Girl and I don't disagree on everything. It's good to know I can be honest and not get judged or seen as too close-minded...instead you take it and think "ok, that's HER opinon and this is why I disagree with it"

I felt welcome to post. Thank you.

Cat said...

Happy Valentine's Day!