Haunted House Dressing

I’m taking a moment here to be a good BE landlord and introducing you to my renter.

Haunted House Dressing

Jeremy welcomes you into his blog home by saying, “Hello, welcome to Haunted House Dressing. This is a place where toasters run free and hippos climb trees.”

There’s more to it than that, of course, but you have to go there to read it.

And while you’re there you might as well check out his Review Contest, his featured artist of the week, and his webcomic titled “Recycled.”

Just click the box over there on your right, and enjoy.


A new work of fiction is coming soon. Until then feel free to browse any of the old content of this Notebook. Comments are always welcome.


Jeremy said...

Thanks for being my e-landlord for the week, and thanks for the plug. It's plugtastic. :)