Things Yet to Happen

She woke up and knew it hadn't happened yet.

That knowledge gave her no peace.

It would happen. It would happen that day. Nothing could stop it.

Nothing could change it. It was coming.

She could only wait.

She got out of bed and got dressed, smiled at her mother, kissed herfathers cheek when he went to work.

Then she went to school.

It still hadn't happened, but it was going to. Its future happening buzzed in her head until she thought she was going to go crazy.

For once she was glad to have been branded a freak, to be friendless.If she had friends she would be tempted to tell them.

Telling them woudln't change anything.

Then it happened.

She felt it when she happend. The buzzing in her head suddenly stopped. Her stomach dropped. Her heart screamed.

The secretary called her to the guidance counclers office at 10 after10 that morning.

"I'm sorry, Ivy." they told her. "It was an accident. A horribleaccident. No one could have seen it coming. Nothing could have stopped it."

"I know." she told them. "I know."

And she did know. She always knew, and it always happened.