The Uninvited Guest

"You know him?"

"Nope. I ain't never even seen him before. When I got up this morning he was there, just like that."

"He's got a black eye."

"Yep. I noticed that."

"I wonder where he come from?"

"I wonder that too. Thats why I called you, you know. I thought maybe you could do somethin
about it."

"Don't know what it is I could do about him."

"But he ain't supposed to be here. Ain't there sumthing you do with these wanderers?"

"Yep, there is, but I dont rightly know if I want that to happen to him. He looks like he's lived a hard one."

"So just wake him up and send him on his way."

"I can't rightly do that either. If he stuck around, caused any trouble like, it would be on my shoulders, you know?"

"Yeah, I know. I know. But what am I gonna do."

"You thought about keepin him?"

"Keeping him? What on earth could I do with him. He looks damn near useless."

"He does. He does. But ain't your Thelma been wanting one?"

"Well, I guess she has at that."

"Seems to me that it was meant to be. Now you got one without all the added expense, you
know. What do you think."

"Well, I think maybe I will keep him. I'm sorry I called you out here for nothing."

"If you call Thelma out so I can see the look on her face when you show him to her, I'll call us even."

"Alright. I think I can do that. THELMA! Come look at this cute little kitten I found sleepin in my truck this morning!"


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