Nothing had changed....

Nothing had changed, except for everything.

The misty morning sunset wasn't as romantic as it ought to have been.

"I'm sick of the whole lot of it," she said, waiving her hand to indicate the whole English cottagy feel of it.

The mailman was perplexed, but she didn't feel like explaining it to him.

"Finnigan has his reasons, of course he does," she said, then turned and walked back inside leaving the cat to explain it for her.

They were beginning to call her queer.

Quite right, she thought. Rather queer than eccentric anyway. Eccentric is only one step away from crazy. Queer is just unique.

Unique just like the whole of the world is supposed to have been, but had forgotten to be.

"I suppose I'd best be going now," she told her petunias. "I'll leave the luggage. You can use it as you wish."

She paused for a moment to look down in the basement.

So thats where I left me, she though. Oughtn't leave the door open, but its too late now.

The golden ladder was in the closet where she had left it, and as she climbed her only regret was that she had forgotten to feed Finnigan before she left.